Freemasons: 555 Illustrations

Freemasons: 555 Illustrations

We are happy to report that we completed work on the second edition of our anthology of Masonic illustrations. In this edition, the quality of the illustrations included in the book has been significantly improved and even more have been added.

This is probably the largest anthology of its kind (in fact it’s over 555 black and white illustrations), in addition, it is enriched with several hundred quotations on the essence of Freemasonry.

In December 2022, the book made it to the list of recommendations of the prestigious British magazine The Square.

The secret of Freemasonry contained in pictures.

Over 555 illustrations, over 300 quotes.

Probably the largest collection of its kind.

672 pages full of inspiration hidden in the Royal Art.

Freemasonry is a mysterious secret society that has aroused great curiosity for more than 300 years. Over that time, a lot of graphic material has been produced showing the truth as well as fantasies about it.

These materials are included in an impressive anthology of nearly 700 pages titled “Freemasons: 555 illustrations,” which is just now making its way into the hands of readers around the world.

Each picture is accompanied by an inspirational quote on the philosophy and symbolism of Freemasonry.

The author of this book is himself a Freemason holding the 33rd – the highest degree of initiation.

Klaus Dąbrowski

If you want to learn more about Royal Art – as the Freemasons call their craft – you can do so by purchasing this remarkable book on Amazon.

Best regards! Team

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