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Our Mission:

Our portal publishes daily news from the world of Freemasonry and contains an immense amount of systematic and categorized, reliable knowledge about the Craft – including more than 850 embedded films and hundreds of links to credible articles found on many other portals and websites. is currently the main promoter of the #EnoughIsEnough campaign by regularly publishing information aimed at creating a positive image of Freemasonry. We cooperate with the most popular Masonic portals, such as The Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library, vlogs like The Masonic Roundtable and podcasts like Whence came you?.


Suggested forms of cooperation:


Permanent advertisement on the main page of the portal, visible also on every subpage (in place of the currently visible advert linking to this page).

Advertisement parameters: 250x250BPP.

Price: 1000 USD per month.


We propose to add your advertisement to 1 news daily (category News of the Day, which is transferred to the category More News after a few hours), visible on our main page for 24 hours, however, the post and the accompanying advertisement will continue to be visible on the portal for at least 6 following months.

Advertisement parameters: 950x311x24BPP, or 730x90x24BPP.

Suggested price: 150 USD for 30 days (5USD per ad, one ad daily), or 0,15 USD for every unique click = opening of the post with your ad on it (brand awareness), or 1 USD per direct click of your ad.

An example can be found here:


We propose to link our ‘Buy Masonic Products’ menu bar with your website (you would probably need to create a special sub-page in English), or maybe better (some clients don’t accept links that redirect them to another webpage) you may create your own subpage at service. products/

We suggest the price of 1 USD / per 1 visit of this subpage.


We propose to add your advertisement on the right side of the chosen article (for example somehow related to your products), please see an example here:


Suggested price: 1 USD daily, or 0,15 USD for every unique click = opening of the article with your ad on it (brand awareness), or 1 USD per direct click of your ad.


We propose to place your film on individual sub-pages that we can create especially for you.

An example can be found here:

Price set individually.


Promotional codes/Private Coupon Codes:

We would be happy to place discount promotional codes on our web pages that would identify customers coming from us to your online shop.

For all purchases, we would expect a xx% (set individually) commission fee for referral in case of any purchases.


Sponsored thematic articles and news (posts).

Price set individually.


Patronage of the service.

Conditions set individually.


We are, to a certain extent, open to negotiations regarding the aforementioned prices.


For all advertising enquiries, please contact:

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