The International Order of Freemasonry Le Droit Humain is a global Masonic Order, membership of which is available to men and women on equal terms, regardless of nationality, religion or ethnicity. The Order is founded on the ancient teachings and traditions of Freemasonry, using Masonic ritual and symbolism as its tools in the search for truth. On the individual level, the Order aims “to promote the progress of individual worth, without the imposition of dogma, or exacting the abandonment of cultural or religious ideas”. On a collective level it works “to unite men and women who agree on a humanist spirituality whilst respecting individual and cultural differences”.
In contrast with other Masonic organisations which operate in national or state jurisdiction only, Le Droit Humain is a global fraternity with many Federations and Jurisdictions worldwide, each of which work the Scottish Rite from the 1st to the 33rd degree. The Order is administered by the Supreme Council, which has its headquarters in Paris. Within the International Constitution, however, member Federations have the freedom of self-governance.

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LE DROIT HUMAIN - International Order of Freemasonry


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