Chapter level

A Royal Arch Chapter is in many ways the same as a Lodge; it has officers and a ritual degree system, which in this case consists of four degrees: Mark Master Mason, Past Master (in some jurisdictions the degree is named Virtual Past Master, to distinguish those who have taken this degree in a Royal Arch Chapter from those who were installed as a Worshipful Master in a lodge), Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason. However, unlike Lodges, the titles of the Officers change depending on the degree being conferred:

Mark Master Mason (Virtual) Past Master Most Excellent Master Royal Arch Mason
Master Master Master High Priest
Senior Warden Senior Warden Senior Warden King
Junior Warden Junior Warden none Scribe
Senior Deacon Senior Deacon Senior Deacon Captain of the Host
Junior Deacon Junior Deacon Junior Deacon Royal Arch Captain
Master Overseer none none Master of the Third Veil
Senior Overseer none none Master of the Second Veil
Junior Overseer none none Master of the First Veil
Marshal Marshal Marshal Principal Sojourner
Tyler Tyler Tyler Sentinel
Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary
Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer Treasurer

Regional level

Every US State has its own Grand Chapter, which performs the same administrative functions for its subordinate Chapters as a Grand Lodge does for its subordinate Lodges. In other countries there are either national or state Grand Chapters. The Chapter also has its own equivalents of Grand Lodge Officers, modified from the titles of the officers of a Royal Arch Chapter:

  • Grand High Priest
  • Deputy Grand High Priest
  • Grand King
  • Grand Scribe
  • Grand Treasurer
  • Grand Secretary
  • Grand Chaplain
  • Grand Captain of the Host
  • Grand Principal Sojourner
  • Grand Royal Arch Captain
  • Grand Master of the Third Veil
  • Grand Master of the Second Veil
  • Grand Master of the First Veil
  • Grand Sentinel

In jurisdictions that have them, there are also District Deputy Grand High Priests appointed by the Grand High Priest to oversee the districts of the jurisdiction as the representative of the Grand High Priest. Grand Representatives are appointed to keep in contact with their counterparts in other jurisdictions.

Grand Chapters also contribute to specific charities which differ from state to state.

General Grand Chapter

Many of the Grand Chapters around the world (notable exceptions include: Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia) are members of an umbrella group called the General Grand Chapter, founded October 24, 1797. It publishes a quarterly magazine called Royal Arch Mason and supports the ABLEKids Foundation.

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