Abbreviation Name Founded Notes
L’AMIL L’Association maçonnique intercontinentale libérale 1996
CATENA International Masonic Union Catena 1961 Grand lodges with male and female membership.
CGLREU Confederación de Grandes Logias Regulares de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos An association of Mexican state grand lodges, many of whom are in amity with CGMNA jurisdictions and UGLE. Some older and larger CGLREU jurisdictions have also joined the multi-national association of CMI, although the two organizations are not linked.
CGLEM Confederation of Grand Lodges of Europe and Mediterranean An association of grand lodges in the Mediterranean area and Southern Europe. Not to be confused with GLUDE. Established by the Traditional and Modern Grand Lodge of France, the National Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Italy, Grand Lodge communities of Andalusia, The Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal, and The Grand Lodge of Morocco.
CGMNA or COGMNA Conference of Grand Masters in North America 1928 An organization of Grand lodge leaders, representing 64 sovereign jurisdictions located throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Germany. Its members are broadly recognized by jurisdictions throughout the world. Today, these CGMNA jurisdictions serve over 2 million freemasons in North America.Its oldest constituent grand lodge dates itself to 1733.
CIMAS Confederación Interamericana de Masonería Simbólica 2002 Independent Liberal and Adogmatic body.
CLIMAF Centre de Liaison International de la Maçonnerie Féminine 1982 An association of women’s grand lodges, mostly in Europe.
CLIPSAS Centre de Liaison et d’Information des Puissances maçonniques Signataires de l’Appel de Strasbourg 1961 Organized by the Grand Orient of France (GOF), member jurisdictions reject Anderson’s 1723 Constitutions, do not require belief in a Supreme Being, and make no distinction regarding participation by men or women.
CMI Confederación Masónica Interamericana (CMI) (Interamerican Masonic Confederation) 1947 An organization of South and Central American Grand Lodges. Its members are broadly recognized by CGMNA grand lodges and the United Grand Lodge of England. Founded by the grand lodges of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, by 2014 the CMI had almost 75 member grand lodges.
CMB Confederacion Masonica Bolivariana An organization of grand lodges within Bolivia, and neighboring countries.
CMC Confederacion Masonica Colombiana An organization of state and national lodges within Colombia.
CMCA Confederacion Masonica Centroamericana An organization of state and national lodges in Central America.
COMAB Confederação Maçônica do Brasil 1973 An association of independent Grand Orients in Brazil
CMSB Confederação da Maçonaria Simbólica do Brasil 1965 An association of grand lodges in Brazil.
DH Le Droit Humain 1893 International mixed (Male and Female) Freemasonry. Also known as “Co-Masonry”.
EME L’Espace Maçonnique Européen 2002 Promotion of human rights and secularism.
GLMAE Gran Logia Mixta de los Andes Ecuatoriales (GLMAE) 2011 Ecuadorian association of mixed (male and female) lodges.
GLUDE Confédération des Grandes Loges unies d’Europe 2000 An organization of grand lodges using the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, founded by the Grand Lodge of France (GLdF), la Grande Loge Traditionnelle et Symbolique Opéra (of France) and la Grande Loge Nationale de Serbie (then Yugoslavia).
HC High Council (HC) or Masonic High Council (MHC) 2005 An association of jurisdictions styling themselves as High Councils. Organized by the Regular Grand Lodge of England (RGLE), which serves as the HC’s Mother High Council. Highly volatile, These groups do not publish member counts nor addresses, and may exist only on the internet or as a function of one or two persons. External citations needed.
IMF Institut Maçonnique de France 2002 Instigated by the GOF, with collaboration by the GLdF and seven other French masonic bodies, the IMF allows low-level cooperation on promotion of Masonic book fairs and events that address the conditions of man and society. The GLdF left this organization in 2006.
Int. FM International Freemasons An African-American oriented group of grand lodges in the United States
LFB Les Franc-maçons Belges An organization of Belgian grand lodges.
National Compact Prince Hall – National Compact 1847 Subordinate Grand Lodges of the Prince Hall National Grand Lodge.
PHA Prince Hall Affiliation (PHA) 1870 An association of 49 historically black Grand Lodges located throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Liberia, which trace their origin to Prince Hall, of Massachusetts. Many of these GLs are in amity with their CGMNA counterparts and with the United Grand Lodge of England. Today there are over 4,500 PHA lodges worldwide, and of them, the oldest constituent PHA lodge dates itself to 1797.
PHCGM Prince Hall Conference of Grand Masters 1887 An organization of Prince Hall Affiliated (PHA) Grand Lodge leaders, from 49 Prince Hall Affiliated (PHA) grand lodges.
REHFRAM Rencontres Humanistes et Fraternelles Africaines et Malgaches An organization of African regular and liberal lodges, meeting annually in an African capital.
SIMPA Secrétariat international Maçonnique des Puissances Adogmatiques 1998 Some of the larger Grand Lodges in CLIPSAS left in 1998 to form their own organisation. Most have now rejoined and SIMPA is currently dormant.
SOGLIA Society of Grand Lodges in Alliance 2010 Originally formed by “Regular Grand Lodges” which no longer chose to associate with the Regular Grand Lodge of England, the society now has adogmatic liberal members who admit women alongside traditional lodges who shun politics and refuse to admit women.
UMM L’Union Maçonnique de la Méditerranée (UMM) (Masonic Union of the Mediterranean) 2000 An association of fifteen adogmatic and liberal jurisdictions from countries bordering the Mediterranean and Mediterranean culture. Since 2012, the UMM has been controlled by the Grande Loge Féminine de France and the Fédération Française du Droit Humain.
UMMT Unione Mondiale Massonica Tradizionale (UMMT) (World Traditional Masonic Union) 2013 Self-reported as “approximately 30 members,” the UMMT includes European jurisdictions not in amity with UGLE or the larger jurisdictions in their nations. Admits mixed Grand Lodges and use of the Ancient and Primitive Rite de Memphis-Misraïm.
VGLvD Vereinigte Großlogen von Deutschland (United Grand Lodges of Germany) 1958-04-27 A sovereign federation of five autonomous Grand Lodges, it serves as the national Grand Lodge of Germany to all outside German Masonry (Masons of other nations and the German public)


(Source: Wikipedia)

International Masonic Organizations


international masonic organizations

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