This is a general survey on the historical and modern presence of Freemasonry in Japan and Japaneese Freemasonry.


Freemasonry in Japan first began with the opening of trade with foreign countries occasioned by Commodore Perry’s Black Ships in 1866. Prior to World War II, several Grand Lodges had subordinate Lodges there, including those of England, Ireland, and Scotland. Most went dark as the war loomed. After World War II, the Grand Lodge of the Philippines charted new Lodges throughout the country.

General McArthur, commander of US forces occupying Japan, a mason himself, supported the creation of several Lodges.

The Grand Lodge of Japan was founded in 1957, it has 18 lodges with 2500 members and is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Le Droit Humain has a lodge in Tokyo, the lodge “Soleil Levant” founded in 2008 and working at the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in French.

(the source: Wikipedia)


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Freemasonry in Japan, Japaneese Freemasonry


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