American Co-Masonry Degree Structure

American Co-Masonry practices the Co-Masonic Rite, which is an amalgamation of the Scottish Rite and English Rite Degrees, and is governed by a Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree. The structure of the Rite is as follows:


1° – Entered Apprentice
2° – Fellow Craft
3° – Master Mason (The English Rite degrees are used to complement and complete the Craft Degrees: Mark Master Mason, Royal Ark Mariner, The Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem)
14° – Grand Elect and Sublime Mason
18° – Knight of Rose Croix of Heredom
30° – Knight Kadosh
31° – Grand Inquisitor Commander
32° – Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
33° – Grand Inspector-General

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American Co-Masonry Degree Structure


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