Buckinghamshire/England – 11th Young Carers Summer BBQ

(by Sammy Jones, MKCITIZEN, Friday 06 July 2018)

Buckinghamshire Freemasons recently held its 11th Young Carers Summer BBQ – a chance for young carers, up to 16 years old, to be ‘children’ again for the day. These children normally spend their home lives helping and supporting parents or siblings with mental or physical disabilities, meaning they spend their time caring rather than playing.

The Young Carers Summer BBQ is an event that allows the attending children to spend the day with other young carers playing and enjoying themselves, with help for their families provided by the MK Young Carers and the Freemasons from St Martins and other lodges in the Bletchley Area. The event is paid for by the Buckinghamshire Freemasons under the Freemasonry in the Community funds and…

11th Young Carers Summer BBQ
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