A Lesson In Humility

A Lesson In Humility

(by Todd E. Creason, 33°, Midnight Freemasons, September 2019)


Every once in awhile I “refresh” the pins on my jacket lapels–I have the blue one, the black one, the red one, and a tan one. I’ve come a long way since I joined when I didn’t even own a jacket. Anyway, I had been wearing the same pins on those lapels for a long time, so it was time for a change. I have no shortage of pins. My wife suggested once that if I changed them every week, I’d have to live to be a hundred to wear them all just once, and I keep bringing them home.

I have a bulletin board where I keep them–Masons tend to collect a lot of pins in their travels and that’s the best way I’ve found to keep them handy where you can see…

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A Lesson In Humility

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