Canada – Capreol Freemasons leave behind a legacy

(by Sudbury Star, December 8, 2018)



Usually, a person leaves behind an inheritance for the benefit of others, but it’s not often an organization does, but that’s just what the Freemasons Lodge in Capreol has done.

The Lodge is winding down, and chose to donate its remaining funds of $22,000 to the Cambrian College Foundation. With the money, the Foundation will create a bursary for a student in need. The bursary will be turned into an endowment, with the interest paid out annually to the recipient of the bursary.

“So many of our members either attended Cambrian College or have children and even grandchildren who went to Cambrian, so it seemed like just the right place to donate,” Keith Jordan, secretary of the Freemasons National Lodge 588 in Capreol, said in a release. “We wanted to make sure we left a lasting legacy for all of our members after the Lodge closed.

“This bursary will ensure that students with ties to our area, who are in need, will get the support they require to succeed at college.”

The basic purpose of the Freemasons is to make “better men out of good men.” There is an emphasis placed on…



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Canada - Capreol Freemasons leave behind a legacy

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Canada - Capreol Freemasons leave behind a legacy
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