Yorkshire/England – Fabulous gift for Filey Freemasons

England - Fabulous gift for Filey Freemasons

(by Louise Perrin, The Scarborough News, 16 September 2019)


Filey Freemasons’ Portus Felix Lodge have received an impressive gift from York Minster stonemason apprentice Emma Waitzmann.
In 2017, the Masonic Charitable Foundation donated £170,000 to the Minster to cover three apprenticeships. Emma is the second apprentice stonemason at York Minster to be supported by this funding, the third is to be recruited soon. This means that of the six apprentices currently working at York Minster, half will be supported by the Freemasons.
It’s an appropriate choice given the society’s origins and an idea that began in Filey, just a few years ago, has now been adopted across the province. Addressing the meeting before Emma spoke, Brother John Davies said: “We are delighted to be funding an apprentice, thanks to…

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England - Fabulous gift for Filey Freemasons

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