Manchester/England – Invitation from Urmston Freemasons

England - Invitation from Urmston Freemasons

(by Wayne Devlin, Messenger, August 27, 2019)

Urmston Masonic Hall opened its doors to the community on Sunday to allow members of the community the opportunity to have a look around the Lodge and to also ask any questions they may have had about Freemasonry.

Guests were welcomed with complementary tea, coffee and biscuits before taking a guided tour of the Lodge. Members of the Lodge were on hand throughout the day to answer any questions.

Group Membership Officer, Ezra McGowan said. “Visitors were very interested to find out what Freemasons do and it was my pleasure to dispel any myths that they may have had about it all. Most people don’t know, for instance, that the Freemasons are the biggest charity behind the National Lottery so it was an honour to explain all about the work we do for…

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England - Invitation from Urmston Freemasons

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