Fraternalism and Civics

Fraternalism and Civics

(by Christopher Hodapp, Freemasons for Dummies, Tuesday, November 20, 2018)


Several weeks back, Alice and I made our monthly stop at the local bookstore (remember those things?), and I was taken in by the headline on the cover of the October edition of Atlantic Monthly: ‘Is Democracy Dying?’

The magazine is freighted too heavily with politically partisan sniping for my tastes. and too many of the writers want to use their own visceral biases to twist their theses. But if you can you get past that, the issue explores a basic societal problem we currently face in America. Mainly, Americans don’t know — or care to know — how their own communities, states and nation are supposed to work anymore. We’ve lost the keys to the Republic, and there it sits in the driveway, up on blocks, rusting away, while the neighborhood kids bust out the windows and steal the tires.

If you think I exaggerate, go to the website of what passes for your local newspaper these days and try to find a daily or even weekly summary of actions at your statehouse or city council meeting. Such news used to be a staple of basic local reporting, but…


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Fraternalism and Civics


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