Northern Ireland/U.K. – Inside Freemasons’ Hall, Arthur Square, Belfast. Pictures

Inside Freemasons' Hall, Arthur Square, Belfast. Pictures
Tour guide and Freemason Jonny Gray pictured in one the rooms in Arthur Square Freemason’s Hall.’ Picture By: Arthur Allison.


(by Graeme Cousins, News Letter, 05 September 2018)


A worldwide organization often associated with secret handshakes is making a bid to lift its cloud of mystery in Belfast. Arthur Square Freemasons’ Hall which is situated close to the main entrance to Victoria Square will open its doors to the public this weekend for European Heritage Open Day.

The trustees have also agreed to guided tours for the first time in the 150-year history of the building which used to have its windows blacked out to prevent prying eyes seeing what went on inside. “We’re not a secret society, we’re a society with secrets,” said Jonny Gray…


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