Kenya – All Saints Cathedral, built by Freemasons

Kenya - All Saints Cathedral, built by Freemasons

(by Collins Kariuki, Daily Nation, June 24th 2019)


After the construction that lasted 35 years, Nairobi was bequeathed the All Saints’ Cathedral, a magnificent building rich in symbolism that seeks to mirror the spiritual journey of an Anglican.

Located at the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue and Processional Way, the building has been a crucial element in the history of the country over the 102 years it has been in existence.

The building was conceptualised in 1914 at a meeting chaired by Governor Henry Conway, and addressed by the Archbishop of Cape Town. The agenda was to address the desire of Chaplain Reverend W. M. Falloon.

The chaplain had suggested the building of a Whites-only church to replace St Stephen’s Church, which was not big enough to…

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Kenya - All Saints Cathedral, built by Freemasons


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