Masonic Con 2022: “Masonry in the New Millennium” July 22-24

Masonic Con 2022: "Masonry in the New Millennium" July 22-24

(by Christopher Hodapp, Freemasons for Dummies, July 16, 2022)


Beginning next Friday, July 22 through Sunday July 24th, I’ll be in Pasadena, California to take part in the South Pasadena Masonic Lodge’s Masonic Con 2022. The theme of this year’s event is “Masonry in the New Millennium.”

Masonic scholars from across the country will participate in discussions on various topics geared to enlighten the listener on the far-reaching impacts Freemasonry has among men, and the best practices for Freemasons to become better equipped in the New Millennium. There will also be three panels of well-qualified Masons discussing topics such as: Innovations in Freemasonry; Masculinity and The Craft; and The Masonic Legacy Society,

This event will be open to all Masons and to the interested public. The weekend kick’s off on Friday evening with a gala Festive Board that will include a seven-course meal—punctuated with traditional Masonic toasts and songs.

In addition to myself, speakers include…

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Masonic Con 2022:


Masonic Con 2022:

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