New emergency first response cars – donations from Freemasons

New emergency first response cars - donations from Freemasons

(by Mix96 96.2 FM, 19th April 2018)


Three new emergency first response cars are out across Buckinghamshire, thanks to donations from the county’s Freemasons.
They have funded the vehicles in Winslow, Marlow and Aylesbury, which are used by volunteers to get to incidents as quickly as possible.

The Ambulance Service say they could save vital minutes to save someone’s life.

CFRs provide a vital service in the initial stages of an emergency. Because they are local, they can often reach a potentially life threatening emergency, such as a cardiac arrest, in the vital first minutes before the ambulance crew can get to the scene.

The treatment CFRs can give in this time really does save lives.

CFRs are trained by staff at SCAS and regularly receive new guidance and training to ensure their skills are maintained.

Not only do they save lives but they are also fantastic fundraisers and ambassadors who give life-saving demonstrations.

Working closely with local communities to provide and maintain life-saving public access defibrillators in schools, sports clubs, pubs and shopping centres and to run training and education projects that help give people of all ages the confidence to step in and help in an emergency.

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New emergency first response cars - donations from Freemasons


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