Our So-Called Knowledge (The Midnight Freemasons)

Our So-Called Knowledge (The Midnight Freemasons)

(by WB Darin A. Lahners, The Midnight Freemasons, September 2022)


As much as I preach about the evils of social media and try to limit my use of it and especially commenting on it, occasionally I succumb to doing so. Recently I did succumb to that temptation when I came to the defense of MWB Robert Davis who had innocently responded to a comment in a Masonic Facebook group from someone who stated that they were not a Freemason, but that our “so-called knowledge” is easily available to anyone who seeks it. Now, MWB Davis replied to the comment stating that what he read in ritual exposures are not the “secrets”. This lead the commenter to attack MWB Davis, with claims that the Freemasons are nothing more than men pretending they are better than other men and that MWB Davis was egotistical for replying in such a fashion. Those of you who like me have had the extreme honor of meeting MWB Davis know this is not the case. In any case, I got involved and the commenter went back and forth with us.

While one might think that can read the multitude of Masonic Rituals available for public consumption for our “so called knowledge”, they will never understand it. The key to the understanding of our “knowledge” is the transformative art of our degree system. An egregor is a term used in Ritual Magick which is the collective energy or force of a group of individuals that are united toward a common purpose. The continued reverent repetition of our ritual over time creates this egregor as a reservoir of spiritual power which influences the ritual, the lodge members and the lodge itself.

The lodge is a sacred space because we make it into one. It is through our reverent presentation of …

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 Our So-Called Knowledge (The Midnight Freemasons)


 Our So-Called Knowledge (The Midnight Freemasons)

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