Canada – Police, Freemasons in Dryden work to protect youth

US: Police, Freemasons in Dryden work to protect youth

(by Ryan Forbes, DrydenNow, 08 August 2018)



The Dryden Police Service and the Golden Star Lodge Freemasons have been working together to better protect youth in the community. Police have been working with the Freemasons to bring the Masonic Chip Program to the Dryden area.

The free digital identifications program allows parents to store emergency information about their children with police, including photos, fingerprints, identifiable features and more – all in the hopes of preventing a tragedy if the child were to go missing, or involved in an emergency situation.

“As a Freemason myself, and a police officer, I understand how important this information is in the time of a crisis. What we gather here is the important information that a police officer would need in an emergency. Age, height, weight, a photograph, and more,“ said DPS Constable Bruce Watson.

“In a time of crisis, if they were ever to go missing, a parent won’t have to run around looking for the information that they need to provide to police. In a crisis, minutes can count,” Watson added.

The DPS and Freemasons were at the Dryden Days of Summer last week to…



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US: Police, Freemasons in Dryden work to protect youth


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