Spain – Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia Ladies Night

Spain - Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia Ladies Night

(by editorial staff, The Le@der, October 20, 2019)


On Saturday, 19th October, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia, held their annual Ladies Night at the Hotel Grand Bali, in Benidorm. This is one of the most prestigious Masonic gatherings of the year, held by the Province and run under the auspices of the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Michael Shilan and his lovely wife Muriel.
It is a time when Freemasons from all over the Province gather together to pay tribute to, and say thank-you to, their long- suffering wives. Throughout the Masonic year most Freemasons attend an enormous number of meetings and many charity functions to raise money for the less privileged and deserving causes.
Throughout the year our wives have a lot to put up with. Either through not seeing their husbands for a sufficient amount of time or being asked to help out at various functions.
In general, our wives do so without thought or complaint, sometimes at a huge cost to themselves and always taking valuable time and effort. This meeting is our way of saying thank-you for all their help and support. I think…

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Spain - Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia Ladies Night



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