The Times: Freemasons open door

The Times: freemasons open door

(by Marc Horne, The Times, March 9 2018):

Freemasons open door for cameras to banish myths

Scotland’s Freemasons have broken with centuries of tradition and opened their doors to public scrutiny.

Long regarded as a secretive society that has closely guarded its clandestine rules and arcane rituals, the masons have allowed cameras into their lodges for the first time.

Several famous figures — including King George VI, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — have been members of the Grand Lodge of Scotland but the all-male organisation has always eschewed publicity.

Now it has permitted a documentary film crew to enter its buildings and document some of the previously off-limits ceremonies.

Robert Cooper, the lodge’s curator and official historian, hopes that the documentary will help to boost the masons’ image and dispel myths and misconceptions.
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The Times: Freemasons open door


The Times: Freemasons open door


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