TripAdvisor Names Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral To ‘Most Beautiful’ List

TripAdvisor Names Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral To 'Most Beautiful' List

(Freemasons for Dummies, Thursday, May 03, 2018) has recently named our Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral as one of “America’s 20 Most Beautiful Churches, Cathedrals & Basilicas Worth Visiting.”


For those who don’t know (which includes most of our own citizens who walk or drive past it every day), the Cathedral is not a church and it’s not Scottish, either. Indianapolis’ is unique because it is the only one on the TripAdvisor list that was not designed as a religious house of worship, but as a ceremonial clubhouse for a fraternal organization, the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of the Masonic fraternity.

Among the others on the list were: Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.; St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans; Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis in St. Louis, Missouri; Grace Cathedral in San Francisco; St. Patricks’ Cathedral and Trinity Church in New York City; Trinity Church in Boston; and Cathedral of St. Helena in Montana.

Our Gothic Revival Cathedral, owned by the Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis, was…

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