Oxfordshire/England – Two centuries of Oxford student Freemasonry

Two centuries of Oxford student Freemasonry

(by Christopher Gray, April 25th, The Oxford Times)


The social history of Oxford University over the past two centuries is surveyed most entertainingly in a handsome new publication detailing the activities of the Freemasons’ lodge that has flourished within this august institution during this period.

Oxford Freemasons (Bodleian Library, £35) shines a penetrating light into areas that some believe, perhaps erroneously, to have been deliberately shrouded in mystery.

But those in search of revelations of a sensational nature, concerning suspicions, say, of dodgy dealings or even criminal conduct concealed by a rigidly enforced code of silence, are going to look in vain. There is nothing of the sort here.

That this bicentennial volume is rich in anecdote can be inferred from the identity of one of its two authors. He is the architectural historian Joe Mordaunt Crook, a former Slade Professor and…

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Two centuries of Oxford student Freemasonry


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