Our VIP+ Patrons Hall of Fame

Our VIP Patrons

We’re proud to have a group of Patrons supporting our important work. We really appreciate their support.

Our VIP/Master/Grand Master/Supreme Patrons are:

Richard Bourgeois

Ooi Kee Boon

Samson E

Tom Clark

Hariss Abdullah

Dino Minoglio

Arcel Bajani

Balima Wenpabasba

William W Wise

Vignesh Rajendran

Ronald Slaughter

Hanna Debbaneh

Bethany Angelo Flores Belmonte

Olayinka Olasimbo

Herbert Haberhauer

Mircea Deaca

William Burch

Michael H Luckett II

Eric P.

Evan Papamichael

Richard Miller

Tom McGinty

Reggie Barns

Steven K Coonrod

Gilberto Sanchez

Rodrigo Guzman

Nilesh Ravel


Rafael Rodriguez-Mercado

Zachery Welsh

You can join them on https://www.patreon.com/freemasonry

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