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  • John Ryan becomes a Master Mason after 14 years! March 24, 2023
    Birnbeck Lodge were pleased to undertake a “Degree by request” on behalf of Llangattock with Howardian Lodge. An interesting story … Birnbeck Lodge received information from the Province of Somerset regarding John Ryan, who wished to become a joining member, to which the Lodge Secretary thought a “nice easy process”, whilst rubbing his hands together, […]
    Ian Evans
  • Nyanza Lodge Are Nicely Cushioned March 23, 2023
    For many years Nyanza Lodge 1197, who meet in Ilminster have had a lovely cushion on which to display the Volume of the Sacred Law but unfortunately old age had taken its toll on it. So Nyanza Lodge members Roy Harkness and Chris Cornelius took it upon themselves to replace the old cushion and presented […]
    Ed Richings
  • Provincial Grand Lodge sign Military Covenant March 23, 2023
    L-R Trevor Thomas, Mike Parnell, Baz Firth MBE, Ben Batley, Lisa Hawkins, Steve McNaughton, Tim Brookes, Ray Guthrie, Matt Williams, Gaz Bottomly, Cdr James Dible, Tony Guthrie, Charles Skeet, Scott Gibbons, Peter McGann, Steve Payne & Martin Walsh. Photos taken by Les Pickersgill.
    Ian Evans
  • Taylors Club have a Brazilian March 21, 2023
    The Athelstan Taylors club met on Friday 17th March at the Tabor de Brazil restaurant in Weston super Mare, 16 attended including possible candidates for initiation. The restaurant looked after them splendidly and the food was excellent. The Taylors club is a social club attached to the Lodge of Instruction and so named as Athelstan […]
    Ian Evans
  • Legend bids a fond farewell to Birnbeck Lodge. March 21, 2023
    On the 15th March Sydney Brailey had his last meeting at Birnbeck Lodge, as their longest serving member. Syd is also a Grand Officer and a lovely man, who would take time out to help anybody. He has been a Freemason for over 50 years, at the meeting Birnbeck Lodge also made him an Honorary […]
    Ian Evans
  • Lodge of Agriculture 1199 Installation  March 21, 2023
    At the last regular meeting on Monday the 20th March saw a fantastic ceremony of installation – WM Dave Wyatt taking the chair in what can only be described as a truly memorable evening of Masonic brotherhood. The WM and his team of officers performed a brilliant ceremony with many taking their first opportunity to […]
    Stewart Galway
  • Initiation and subterfuge at Tynte Lodge March 19, 2023
    On Thursday 16th March Tynte Lodge initiated Paul Knight, a good friend of Nigel Manfield of Wyvern Lodge in Wiltshire, who attended Tynte as a nice surprise to Paul. They had to “smuggle” Nigel into the building through a different entrance, and kept him well hidden, until he surprised Paul with the North East Corner […]
    Ian Evans
  • Bridgwater Based Lodges Combine Forces March 19, 2023
    The Lodge of Perpetual Friendship 135, who meet in Bridgwater recently passed Brother Ricky-Thomas Duke to the degree of a Fellow Craft Freemason on behalf of the Somerset Military Lodge 10021 during an excellent ceremony. The Lodge of Perpetual Friendship considered it an honour to host serving military and veteran military brethren, ensuring the ritual […]
    Ed Richings
  • Lodge Of St George 3158 Playfor Keeps March 18, 2023
    The Lodge of St George 3158, Taunton were delighted to initiate newly made brother Danny Playfor this month. As a scaffolder, Danny is used to building superb structures and supporting others, so this evening was the opportunity for St George brethren to support him at the start of his masonic journey. March was also special […]
    Ed Richings
  • Bro David is Passed at The Forest of Mendip March 18, 2023
    At the last regular meeting held at the forest of Mendip on Friday 17th March Bro David was passed to the Degree of a fellow Craft, WM Ian along with all his officers conducted an excellent ceremony. Bro David was excellent in his answers to the questions, and Bro Duke managed an excellent rendition of […]
    Stewart Galway


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