Mississippi Freemasons

Mississippi Freemasons

The first Lodge of Freemasons in the Mississippi territory was established by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky in Natchez on October 16, 1801. It was called Harmony Lodge. The second and third Lodges in Mississippi were chartered by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. The first was chartered on August 2, 1816, and was also located in Natchez. It was named after Andrew Jackson. The second was chartered on April 19, 1817, in Port Gibson and was named after George Washington. In 1818, a year after Mississippi was admitted to the Union as the 20th state, these three Lodges, Harmony, Jackson and Washington formed the Grand Lodge of Mississippi.

In 1910, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi reorganized its Masonic home in Meridian to accommodate children and orphans of indigent Brothers. Eleven years later it opened a second home for boys in Columbus. By 1996, the homes were closed, but over its 88 years they cared for more than 1,000 children.

Today, Grand Master Randy W. Glover presides over 222 local Lodges and more than 11,800 Brothers. The Grand Lodge supports many charities and local community projects.

Among the many honored members of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi include: US Senators John Stennis and Trent Lott, Governor William Winter, and the Father of Country Music, Jimmy Rogers.

Most Worshipful Bro. Randy W. Glover, Grand Master
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  • 204th Annual Communication February 18, 2022
    Brethren, Below is the agenda for our upcoming Annual Communication. While I have your attention, please permit me to provide a few reminders: Less than 1 month remains to submit Scholarship Applications. Please read the form IN FULL before submitting. It is accessible by clicking here. Unless YOU arranged for early check in with the Hotel, CHECK IN IS […]
    Michael Baker
  • Masonic Services Association Kentucky Disaster Relief Appeal December 14, 2021
    (click here to download the MSANA request for appeal) As you are aware, multiple tornadoes ripped through the State of Kentucky destroying everything in their path. These tornadoes may go down as the worst in history. It has been suggested that one tornado was on the ground for 220 miles. Several Lodges have suffered catastrophic […]
    Michael Baker
  • 203rd Annual Communication June 28, 2021
    Brethren, July 1st is the Deadline for getting rooms at our low room rate at the Hilton Jackson. A few rooms are still available. The easiest way to be sure you get the correct rate is to use the website link below. If you call, please be sure to use the 601 number below and […]
    Michael Baker
  • A Good Man February 17, 2021
    What is a good man? It’s a simple question, but ask an attorney, and you’ll get the standard answer: “it depends.”  And thus another debate began.  My home Lodge had two candidates tonight that were submitted for review by an assigned investigative committee.  The Grand Lodge has a form entitled the “Subordinate Lodge Investigation Committee […]
    Lane Dossett
  • Mississippi Disaster Relief Appeal November 25, 2020
    PLEASE NOTE: All Funds Donated for this purpose should be sent to MSANA, not the Grand Lodge. MSANA will send 100% of funds raised to us, but filtering the donations through them helps us keep track of the donations and their intended use. November 23, 2020 Mississippi Disaster Relief AppealMississippi has experienced a tremendous amount […]
    Michael Baker
  • The Northeast Corner October 30, 2020
    Something that has been right in front of me for some time struck me recently – how within The Grand Secretary’s Office (the Grand Lodge Building as many call it) the physical office of the Grand Secretary is situated in the Northeast Corner of the building, directly above the Cornerstone. Masons should be well aware […]
    Jared Stanley
  • The Roof October 22, 2020
    I enjoy reading history, especially primary documents such as Lodge minutes and Grand Lodge Proceedings. They are filled with Masonic lessons. Here’s an example.In fall of 1888 a leak was noticed in southwest corner of the Lodge roof. The WM appointed a committee to study this leak. In December the committee was not ready to report. In […]
    Michael Baker
  • High Office October 15, 2020
     Best City Lodge #777 of Best City, Mississippi, is pleased to place into nomination for the high office of Junior Grand Warden our beloved Brother, Rama Lama Dingdong.  Rama Lama is an actual past master, virtual past master, yellow dog, 32.9 degree Scottish Rite Mason, Past Grand Commander, Past Grand High Priest, Past Illustrious Grand […]
    R. Lane Dossett
  • What of the Circle? October 12, 2020
    One of the simplest, but probably least-explored symbols of Freemasonry is that of the circumpunct, or as we refer to it in Mississippi’s ritual, “a certain point within a circle, embordered by two perpendicular parallel lines, representing St. John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist; and upon the top rests the Holy Scriptures.  The […]
    Michael Baker
  • MSA Disaster Relief September 14, 2020
    The Masonic Services Association of North America has issued a Disaster Relief Appeal for both Iowa and Louisiana. Please see the PDF linked below for details. The MSANA requests for any donations to be sent directly to them. As per their instructions, please be sure to note which Disaster Relief your donation is for. Sincerely […]
    Jared Stanley
  • Corona July 20, 2020
    I look back at Grand Lodge and think about first hearing how close Corona was to us in Jackson. I didn’t have respect for it yet . We went back to work and after a couple of weeks we got shut down for 5 or 6 weeks. I still was not concerned about it . […]
    Michael Baker
  • Light in the World July 7, 2020
    Brethren, I trust that you enjoyed a safe and healthy Independence Day.  Even in times of tribulation in our nation’s history, we can still see evidence that our Great Experiment in democracy is alive.  We may not agree with the violent and destructive path that some protests have taken, but our freedoms and liberties allow […]
    Michael Baker
  • July Dispensation June 25, 2020
    Greetings Brethren, Since March 15th I have recommended that our Lodges stay within the Guidelines set by our Governor. I appreciate our members honoring this recommendation. Our Governor has issued new guidelines starting June 1st. The Lodges that feel safe can meet, and the ones that do not feel safe will not be required to […]
    Michael Baker
  • Masonic Light June 8, 2020
    As Masons, we talk a lot about “light”.  To us, “light” takes on many meanings.  We know that in Nature, light permits us to see and appreciate the works of the Great Architect, and light catalyzes photosynthesis, necessary for plants to adorn the world with their beauty, and to produce foods for our sustenance.  We […]
    Jim Whitfield
  • June 2020 Congressional School June 3, 2020
    Brethren, at the request of the Worshipful Master and Brethren of the host Lodge, George D. Riley No. 605, the Congressional School that was scheduled for June 20th has been cancelled. The next still-scheduled Congressional School is at Aberdeen No. 32 on July 25th. The post June 2020 Congressional School appeared first on The Grand […]
    Michael Baker
  • June Dispensation May 29, 2020
    Greetings Brethren, Since March 15th I have recommended that our Lodges stay within the Guidelines set by our Governor. I appreciate our members honoring this recommendation. Our Governor has issued new guidelines starting June 1st. The Lodges that feel safe can meet, and the ones that do not feel safe will not be required to […]
    Michael Baker
  • Theory vs Practice: Thinking of Others April 30, 2020
    We are admonished in our several Masonic teachings to follow the precepts of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Again, in theory, these appear to be easy enough to accomplish, however, actual practice requires some thought and practical application of these simple truths. As background, let us use the current COVID-19 pandemic to view how we […]
    Michael Baker
  • A Message of Hope April 19, 2020
    Greetings Brethren  As you and I have been staying in a lot, during this  “Stay in Place” order, I have had plenty of time to pray and study God’s Word more. Actually, more than I normally have done. “Normally.”     What is “Normal?”  Normal is defined as, conforming to a standard, usual, typical, or expected. My […]
    Michael Baker
  • Simple Thoughts During a Pandemic April 16, 2020
    Over the past few days I have received a few texts messages from some concerned Louisiana Masons. One told me that his Brother in Law passed away from this virus. He is deeply worried about what this whole situation can do to us as Masons. Another asked me if I thought that Louisiana Freemasonry can […]
    Michael Poll
  • Just Keep Doing April 13, 2020
    Many who know me are not aware of a time in my life where I was unemployed for several months. I know there are many out there who have been unemployed longer, but this is my experience. Nor is the lesson limited to unemployment, but also times of illness, childbirth, andmore. During my unemployment I […]
    Michael Baker
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