Mississippi Freemasons

Mississippi Freemasons

The first Lodge of Freemasons in the Mississippi territory was established by the Grand Lodge of Kentucky in Natchez on October 16, 1801. It was called Harmony Lodge. The second and third Lodges in Mississippi were chartered by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. The first was chartered on August 2, 1816, and was also located in Natchez. It was named after Andrew Jackson. The second was chartered on April 19, 1817, in Port Gibson and was named after George Washington. In 1818, a year after Mississippi was admitted to the Union as the 20th state, these three Lodges, Harmony, Jackson and Washington formed the Grand Lodge of Mississippi.

In 1910, the Grand Lodge of Mississippi reorganized its Masonic home in Meridian to accommodate children and orphans of indigent Brothers. Eleven years later it opened a second home for boys in Columbus. By 1996, the homes were closed, but over its 88 years they cared for more than 1,000 children.

Today, Grand Master Randy W. Glover presides over 222 local Lodges and more than 11,800 Brothers. The Grand Lodge supports many charities and local community projects.

Among the many honored members of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi include: US Senators John Stennis and Trent Lott, Governor William Winter, and the Father of Country Music, Jimmy Rogers.

Most Worshipful Bro. Randy W. Glover, Grand Master
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  • 2024 Grand Lodge Annual Communication January 2, 2024
    This is an official Grand Lodge Communication (See Digest §23-1.1 [40]) TO:      Grand Lodge Officers, Past Grand Masters, Honorary Past Grand Masters, Committee Members, D.D.G.L.’s, Ten Year D.D.G.L.’s, and Subordinate Lodge Secretaries: Dear Brethren:             Our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Stephen E. Yon, would like to cordially invite all Masons to attend the 206th Annual Communication […]
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  • Cornerstone Academy Coming Soon! October 22, 2023
    The Mississippi Lodge of Research and Education and the Grand Lodge Education Committee are excited to announce that they are in the final stages of beta testing of an online educational portal specifically geared toward Mississippi Freemasons that will be hosted on Grandview. This platform, dubbed the “Cornerstone Academy,” will consist of multiple modules, added over time, […]
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  • Emerging Leaders Program April 12, 2023
    Sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Mississippi F. & A. M. Education Committee and the Mississippi Lodge of Research and Education DCXL Continuing to recognize the need to prepare a core group of leaders for Freemasonry, the Education Committee and Mississippi Lodge of Research and Education DCXL are providing this current version of leadership training […]
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  • Congratulations and Welcome to the 2023 Grand Lodge Officers! March 21, 2023
    The post Congratulations and Welcome to the 2023 Grand Lodge Officers! appeared first on The Grand Lodge of Mississippi F∴ & A∴ M∴.
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  • 2023 Grand Lodge Session Agenda March 15, 2023
    (click here to download a pdf of the agenda) Sheraton Flowood – Refuge Hotel and  Conference Center THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2023 7:00A Registration for Representatives, Past Masters and Others – Credentials Desk8:00A Exemplification of Three Degrees – Grand Ball Room Jason Jefcoat, PGM, Grand Lecturer DDGL’s – Board of Custodians10:00A Foundation Board of Directors, Finance […]
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  • How to Conduct a Lodge Audit March 15, 2023
    Often, Lodge audit reports are hurriedly put together shortly before Officer Installation Ceremonies. As a result, the integrity of the process may not be adequately fulfilled, and little useful information is provided to the Lodge. This guide, provided by the Grand Lodge Education Committee, is designed to provide information and education on better practices, including […]
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  • Investigation Committee Resource Guide  March 7, 2023
    Click here to download the Resource Guide Fulfilling our roles as “Guardians of the West Gate” is an import aspect of a healthy Lodge and Fraternity, perhaps more than ever. The art of interviewing is a valuable skill. Many are already familiar with the Education Committee’s Investigative Form, which provides sample questions and a format […]
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  • Ritual Vocabulary & Glossary February 28, 2023
    Have you ever been sitting in lodge and heard “imprecations,” only to think, “That’s a funny way to say implications…I wonder if that’s another one of those Mississippications for ‘of’: ‘uhv’ versus ‘ahv'”?! Have you ever wondered why Lodges stress the importance of signing your dues cards in person? Ne varietur is the reason. Ne […]
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  • Masonic Etiquette February 25, 2023
    Promoting a deeper understandingof Masonic Etiquette in the Practice of Mississippi MasonryGrand Lodge of Mississippi Education CommitteeFebruary 2023 The following guide is available as a pdf file under the “Education,” “Education Publications” pull-down menus from the website’s homepage or may downloaded by clicking here. There is a distinction to be made as to what constitutes […]
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  • Williams Digest of Laws February 20, 2023
    Williams Digest of Laws has been updated through the 2021 Grand Lodge Session. Changes for the 2022 Session will be updated when proceeds are approved at the upcoming Grand Lodge. Williams Digest of Laws The post Williams Digest of Laws appeared first on The Grand Lodge of Mississippi F∴ & A∴ M∴.
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  • Wardens Columns: Part 2 (Practical) February 20, 2023
    In Part 1 of this presentation, the focus was on the theoretical basis and some background on the uses of columns and pillars was discussed from the symbolic, historical, mythological, and religious context. The focus In Part 2 will be on the practical applications and the conclusion of our research. For those not having read […]
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  • Wardens Columns: Part 1 (Theory) February 20, 2023
    The Mississippi Lodge of Research and Education DCXL will have its next Stated Communication, Friday, December 2 at 7 pm at the Jackson York Rite Building. All Mississippi Master Masons are invited to attend and view the latest acquisition in our attempt to “get back to the old customs.” (1) During the education component of […]
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  • St John the Baptist Day/Stated Communication/June 24, 2022 February 20, 2023
    Solstices and Equinoxes: What they represent to Mississippi Masons The longest day in 2022 will be today, June 21, 2022, traditionally known as the first day of Summer. However, as the actual time occurred at 0413 am this morning, we will NOT be in strict observance today. Instead, we use the event to honor one […]
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  • The Palm as an emblem (Part 3) February 20, 2023
    After having addressed the palm as an emblem in two other portions of this essay, we will now turn to the unique and peculiar Masonic perspective, beginning with Brother Rob Morris, the second “Poet Laureate of Freemasonry,” and creator of the Order of the Eastern Star. Bro. Morris writes that the island of Patmos was […]
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  • The Palm as an Emblem (Part 2) February 20, 2023
    To continue a discussion of the topic introduced in Part 1 of an earlier essay, The Palm as an Emblem (Part 1),[i] we begin with another frame of reference and that is of the linguistics related to the palm tree. Linguistics is concerned with the nature of language and communication. In this context we desire to […]
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  • The Palm as an Emblem (Part 1) February 20, 2023
    “Every figure, character and emblem depicted in a Lodge has a moral meaning…” “Let he that hath eyes see…” Matthew 13: 9-16 KJV “…Freemasonry is not only the most ancient, but the most moral science known to man. Every figure, character and emblem depicted in a Lodge has a moral meaning, and forcibly inculcates the […]
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  • 204th Annual Communication February 18, 2022
    Brethren, Below is the agenda for our upcoming Annual Communication. While I have your attention, please permit me to provide a few reminders: Less than 1 month remains to submit Scholarship Applications. Please read the form IN FULL before submitting. It is accessible by clicking here. Unless YOU arranged for early check in with the Hotel, CHECK IN IS […]
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  • Masonic Services Association Kentucky Disaster Relief Appeal December 14, 2021
    (click here to download the MSANA request for appeal) As you are aware, multiple tornadoes ripped through the State of Kentucky destroying everything in their path. These tornadoes may go down as the worst in history. It has been suggested that one tornado was on the ground for 220 miles. Several Lodges have suffered catastrophic […]
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  • 203rd Annual Communication June 28, 2021
    Brethren, July 1st is the Deadline for getting rooms at our low room rate at the Hilton Jackson. A few rooms are still available. The easiest way to be sure you get the correct rate is to use the website link below. If you call, please be sure to use the 601 number below and […]
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  • A Good Man February 17, 2021
    What is a good man? It’s a simple question, but ask an attorney, and you’ll get the standard answer: “it depends.”  And thus another debate began.  My home Lodge had two candidates tonight that were submitted for review by an assigned investigative committee.  The Grand Lodge has a form entitled the “Subordinate Lodge Investigation Committee […]
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