Ohio Freemasons

Ohio Freemasons

The Grand Lodge of Ohio, formally known as the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio, is the governing body of the largest group of Masonic lodges in Ohio (the next largest being the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio). The Grand Lodge of Ohio follows the Anglo-American tradition of Freemasonry that is common in the United States. In 2018, the Grand Lodge reported a total membership of 75,000 Master Masons. The current Grand Master is Most Worshipful Brother Richard A. Dickerscheid of Fairfield, Ohio.

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  • The Grand Lodge of Ohio Welcomes its 166th Grand Master: MWB Timothy S. Wheeland October 18, 2021
    Most Worshipful Brother Timothy S. Wheeland has officially been elected to serve as the 166th Grand Master of Ohio for the 2021-2022 Masonic year. The post The Grand Lodge of Ohio Welcomes its 166th Grand Master: MWB Timothy S. Wheeland appeared first on Freemasonry.
    Megan Rothe
  • St John’s: The Oldest Lodge in the United States October 14, 2021
    For nearly three centuries, St. John’s Lodge in Massachusetts - the oldest lodge in the country - has harbored an active Masonic community. The post St John’s: The Oldest Lodge in the United States appeared first on Freemasonry.
    Megan Rothe
  • A Message from the Grand Master: The Close of a Masonic Year and New Beginnings Ahead October 8, 2021
    Our Annual Communication is quickly approaching. On October 15th, we are ready to elect new officers, discuss upcoming legislation, and put in the work of our fraternity. Grand Master Richard A. Dickerscheid shares a message with the Masons of Ohio, celebrating a year of work as we look forward to another year of ‘Using the […]
    Laurynn Bedard
  • Jacob’s Ladder and Freemasonry September 30, 2021
    The many rituals of Freemasonry have formed through centuries of tradition and the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next. Allegories conveying the ethical principles which, when followed, might allow a man to lead a good and virtuous life continue to be shared in lodges spanning the globe. Within these lessons are symbols […]
    Laurynn Bedard
  • The 2021 Leaders of Ohio Freemasonry: Bro. Steve Grindle Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden September 23, 2021
    The 2021 Masonic year is coming to a close. As we celebrate our achievements of charitable Relief and Brotherly Love , we also celebrate our dedicated leaders who ensure our success. Read on to learn more about Bro. Steve Grindle, Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden.  What inspired you to join Ohio Freemasonry, and which lodge […]
    Laurynn Bedard
  • Tubal Cain: The Father of Smithcraft September 16, 2021
    “And the third brother, Tubal Cain, found smithcraft of gold, silver, copper, iron and steele…” – Albert Mackey, The Legend of the Craft Much of Freemasonry’s core symbolism can be traced directly to Hebrew and Christian teachings and texts. Given that Speculative Masonry took shape in Europe during the 18th century, a time when Christianity […]
    Laurynn Bedard
  • The George Washington Masonic National Memorial September 9, 2021
    Read about the history of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, and the amazing acts of brotherhood involved. The post The George Washington Masonic National Memorial appeared first on Freemasonry.
    Laurynn Bedard
  • Register for the 212th Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ohio September 2, 2021
    The Masons of Southwest Ohio extend a cordial invitation to attend the 212th Annual Communication of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ohio on Friday, October 15, 2021! Brethren, we are eager to come together to celebrate and plan new initiatives for this upcoming season. To register for events, visit www.AnnualCommunication.com and select “Ohio” to […]
    Laurynn Bedard
  • Reflecting on a year of Charitable Activity and Relief August 26, 2021
    With every new year, we have an opportunity to become even better. As we prepare for a new Masonic year and unite in service and fellowship, how are you stepping forward in your Masonic journey to provide Relief to those in need? Read on to learn more about the Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation […]
    Laurynn Bedard
  • Ohio, Aviation, and the Freemasons of Flight August 19, 2021
    For National Aviation Day, we celebrate Ohio as the Birthplace of Aviation and the Freemasons who have inspired us from the air. In 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a presidential proclamation establishing August 19th National Aviation Day. On this date in 1871, one of Ohio’s most treasured sons was born: Orville Wright. Orville was […]
    Laurynn Bedard

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Grand Lodge of Ohio
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