Texas Freemasons

Texas Freemasons

The Grand Lodge of Texas, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons is the largest of several governing bodies of Freemasonry in the State of Texas, being solely of the Ancients’ tradition and descending from the Ancient Grand Lodge of England, founded on 17 June 1751 at the Turk’s Head Tavern, Greek Street, Soho, London. According to historian James D. Carter, the “The Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas, A.F. & A.M.” was founded on 16 April 1838. However, its first Grand Master and other grand officers were installed by Sam Houston on 11 May 1838. The Grand Lodge of Texas is one of the largest in the world, reporting 69,099 members in 2019. The current Grand Lodge of Texas facilities were made possible by the fundraising efforts of Waco Masonic Lodge No. 92.

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  • Just A Bunch Of Leftovers, And How It Really Feels May 11, 2022
     By James C. “Chris” Williams IV – Staff Writer I knew I was taking a chance sending him a text when I did it. John is self admittedly an electronically challenged person. In fact, he is one of the few people I have ever been around who, if every cell phone, fax machine, and computer, […]
    Craig Enderli
  • Peanuts On The Floor And The Wisdom Of Brother Bill February 20, 2022
    By James C. “Chris” Williams IV – Staff Writer You know how sometimes you are working or doing chores or, whatever and something or someone will pop into your mind and shortly thereafter that person will come walking in the door? Well it’s happened to me before and in fact it happened last week. I […]
    Craig Enderli
  • Beulah, Gertrude, And The One And Only Chester’s August 6, 2021
    By James C. “Chris” Williams IV – Staff Writer This last month was strange and bizarre in many ways and it is a little painful to relive…but in some weird way I needed to tell the story.  And, if you are reading this you are one of the ones that get to hear the whole […]
    Craig Enderli
  • Gift of Life May 14, 2021
    Blood is a Gift of LifeThe Gift of Life Program is one of the most exciting and beneficial programs sponsored by the Masons of Texas. Masons are focused on providing the one resource essential to patient-care in the fraternal hospitals and in all health care facilities – and for which there is no substitute. It […]
  • Waterloo Ice House and Let the Lodge Die Rather Than Change April 19, 2021
    Waterloo Ice House and Let the Lodge Die Rather Than Change By James C. “Chris” Williams IV I almost didn’t get to talk to him this month.  He called and said that he was not going to be coming through San Antonio this month and of course I panicked and asked, “Well, how close are […]
    Craig Enderli
  • Vitek’s, The Serpent, And A Lesson In Masonic Secrecy February 4, 2021
    By James C. “Chris” Williams IV Those of you who have been regular readers of this column know that I do not believe in luck or coincidence.  I now know that things happen ….because they are supposed to happen.  And, that knowledge has been such a great awakening because of all I have realized and […]
    Chris Holder
  • Our Obligation to Masonic FuneralsAndTruck Stop Enchiladas November 18, 2020
    “Brother Chris, I am so hungry I could eat the South end out of a North bound mule,” he said. I responded with a sick look on my face, “John I am going to act like you never said that to me.” My day had been going pretty good until I looked up and saw […]
    Chris Holder
    The Grand Lodge Library and Museum Board is honored to announce that Billy Hamilton has joined our organization in the position of on-site General Manager for the Masonic Grand Lodge Library and Museum of Texas, effective today. Brother Hamilton brings over 20 years of management experience leading teams at major corporations such as Verizon and […]
    Craig Enderli
  • Masonry At Its Source September 3, 2020
    Historic Evidence Found in Ancient Egypt and Throughout  The Old World  Texas Freemason – September 1920  Editor’s Note: There are many practical-minded brethren in the modem Craft who, though good and active Masons, are little interested in questions of antiquity relating to the order. However, the antiquity of Masonry is one of the supports that […]
    Chris Holder
  • Hogs, Goats, And Rodeo Food September 3, 2020
    By James C. “Chris” Williams IV  I have to tell you that he has a knack of interrupting me at the most inopportune times. “What the heck are you talking about,” you say? I am talking about Brother John Deacon, that’s what. Pam had gone out shopping with her friend and since I was alone […]
    Chris Holder

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Physical Address:
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas
715 Columbus Avenue
Waco, Texas 76701

Mailing Address:
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas
P. O. Box 446
Waco, Texas 76703

E-Mail: gs@grandsecretaryoftx.org Phone:  254-753-7395 Fax: 254-753-2944

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