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The After Lodge podcast is the after lodge banter of two men who happen to be Freemasons. It is not endorsed or recognized by any Grand or subordinate lodge of Freemasons. Drawing topics from the /r/freemasonry subreddit, as well as the other masonic networks, the Three Initiates of the After Lodge podcast discuss current-day topics within and without the fraternity. (the source: Stitcher)


After Lodge Podcast



Dedicated to the study of Freemasonry, Masonic news and the Art of Self-Improvement. The Winding Stairs takes you on a journey of enlightenment, through the practice of The Royal Art. A New Source of Light for the Modern Freemason. Hosted by Juan Sepulveda, Professional Artist, and Master Mason. (the source: Stitcher)





The Masonic Radio Theatre is a both a tribute to Freemasonry and a throwback to the radio dramas of the past. Recorded in the highest quality, yet made to sound as if they were broadcast in the 1930s, the Masonic Radio theatre is sure to captivate your attention while solidifying your love of Freemasonry. (the source: Stitcher)





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