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“…the Network, by the intimate connection of its several parts, denotes Unity.”

“A page about Freemasonry” ( created by Rt. Wor. Gary L. Dryfoos was established October 1994, so is probably the World’s Oldest Masonic Website.






Freemasonry Today web portal ( is connected with Freemasonry Today magazine (the official journal of the United Grand Lodge of England), which is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. “Freemasonry Today is a freemasonic journal, which since January 2008 has been the official (…) of the United Grand Lodge of England. The magazine itself previously operated independently from 1997 to 2007 with a run of fourty-two editions. However it merged with Masonic Quarterly Magazine in January 2008, which has previously been the official house magazine of the UGLE. After the merger the name Freemasonry Today was kept and is also published online. Its Editor-in-Chief used to be Michael Baigent (New Zealand born. Baigent was perhaps most famous for having co-authored The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail with Richard Leigh and Henry Soskin. The book which Dan Brown imitated with The DaVinci Code.” He died in 2013.) (the source: rightepedia:





“What can do for you?

This MasonicWorld site ( is for Master Masons or those interested in Freemasonry.

Education – In the education section we over 600 Masonic articles. We update the articles quarterly through our newsletter.

How to join Freemasonry – Those looking to join Freemasonry can start their travels here. If you are already a Freemason, help someone today – tell us your story!

Masonic graphics – Almost 1,000 Masonic graphics for you to view.”





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