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  • Masonic Book Club Will Publish Samuel Pritchard's 1730 'Masonry Dissected' August 1, 2021
    by Christopher HodappThe newly resurrected Masonic Book Club (MBC) has announced its upcoming second volume: a new edition of Samuel Pritchard's 1730 Masonic exposure, Masonry Dissected, featuring commentary by the late Harry Carr, and revised and updated by Arturo De Hoyos and S. Brent Morris. The pre-order window for Masonry Dissected will be announced in late Fall 2021 […]
    Christopher Hodapp

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  • Essex Freemasons’ £30,000 gift of life for little Henry July 14, 2021
    A three-year-old boy with cancer is able to get life-saving treatment in Germany, thanks to a £30,000 donation by Essex Freemasons Henry Hall, from Great Wakering, was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer in February and has undergone numerous rounds of chemotherapy treatment. However, radiotherapy is now the only treatment that can save Henry’s life, […]

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  • Untitled August 2, 2021
    👶🧒The £45,000 grant from the MCF and @GlosPGLodge to @MeningitisNow will improve the wellbeing of children and young people affected by #meningitis by covering the costs for important items and services such as specialist equipment, sensory items, and rehabilitation🙌 (Feed generated with FetchRSS)

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Should “Regular” and “Liberal” Freemasons recognize each other?

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  • Whence Came You? - 0506 - Masonic Repetition and Success August 2, 2021
    This week we ask just what it takes for you to commit to going back to Lodge. Greg not applies some tough filters to his lodge experience. Then, Brother Randy Sanders asks, “When's the last time you had a festive board for the heck of it?” He's got some great recommendations and I'll give you […]

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  • Answering the Question July 30, 2021
    by Midnight Freemason ContributorBro. Ken JP StuczynskiHow many times have you been asked, "What is Freemasonry?" What do you tell them? We spend a lot of time telling them what it's not — it's not a religion (though religious), not a charity (though we are extremely philanthropic), and not a social club (though we are […]
    WCY Admin

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  • PART II: What Esoteric Knowledge lies veiled in Classical Art? June 24, 2021
    IN this series, we seek to uncover the hidden meaning found in the artistic works of numerous Masters, including Michelangelo, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, William Blake, Georges de La Tour, and Raphael. First, by outlining a basic structure for analyzing art through an esoteric lens; thereby, utilizing both observation and intuition, symbolically represented by the […]
    Elaine Paulionis Phelen

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  • New Leadership in Hampshire July 28, 2021
    Today, after delays due to something or other, members of The Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight will be at Freemasons Hall, to witness a double-headed ceremony The Installation of E. Comp. Stephen Allum as The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight The Installation of W. Bro.  Jonathan Whitaker as […]
  • What is a Brevity Lodge? June 21, 2021
    What is A brevity style lodge?
  • Creating a new Lodge June 16, 2021
    Greetings Brethren. Can anyone send me a link  to where I could find  information on the procedure for setting up a new Lodge in the Middlesex Province ? I have looked everywhere and found nothing for the Craft but lots for Mark. I have an idea of the costs and subs required but I need […]
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  • Lodge of the Holy Land (Ha'aretz Hakadosha) #50 International Membership March 5, 2021
    How would you like to be a member of a lodge in Israel? The Lodge of the Holy Land #50 was created in order to enable Brethren from all over the world, living outside Israel, to affiliate to an Israeli Lodge in the Holy Land and feel part of Israeli Freemasonry. Membership is open to […]
  • My first steps May 11, 2018
    Dear group, Like I have stated in my introductory email, I have petitioned our local lodge here in my home town in the Netherlands to enter the brotherhood. And today, one of the men in the lodge and I have talkede on the phone and decided to have our first meeting coming Saturday in the […]
  • Why are there no Rosettes in an EA apron? September 21, 2017
    A MM apron has 3 Rosettes, a FC has 2, then why is it that an EA apron doesn't have any Rosette, shouldn't the natural way be have 1 Rosette as it is the first degree?