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  • New Book by Chris Ruli: 'Brother Lafayette' Available for Presale July 15, 2024
    by Christopher HodappIt's Bastille Da today, so I think it's appropriate to post this story. Macoy Publishing has announced the pre-sale of Brother Christopher Ruli's newest book, Brother Lafayette: the Marquis de Lafayette's Masonic Travels in America 1824-25 (Macoy, 2024, $24.95) now through September 24th, when it's expected to begin shipping. This year marks the 200th anniversary of […]
    Christopher Hodapp

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  • Untitled April 6, 2023
    We're throwing it back to a time before the union of the Antients and Moderns Grand Lodges, or the formation of @UGLE_GrandLodge in 1813! 🖌️This hand-painted apron with multi-degree masonic emblems was designed in c.1790 and now lives in @MuseumFreemason. #ThrowbackThursday (Feed generated with FetchRSS)

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Should “Regular” and “Liberal” Freemasons recognize each other?

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  • Whence Came You? - 0644 - Initiates of the Flame Pt 4 July 15, 2024
    Join us this week as we unmask The Alchemist! Who is it, and what does Manly P. Hall have to say about it? Have a listen as we continue our reading of Hall's famous text, Initiates of the Flame! Links: Links: Register for Camp Cornerstone Skull and Crown Ltd. Craftsman+ FB Group […]

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  • Troward:The Hidden Power - Part 2 July 17, 2024
    by Midnight Freemason Guest ContributorBro. Mark St. CyrPlease find Part 1 here: 2: **The Central Principle of Life  What is the central principle at the root of all things? It is Life. But not just the life we see in different forms; it’s something deeper and more unified. This "unity of the spirit" is pure […]

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  • The Hidden Work of Masonry April 24, 2024
    (The following is from the Volume W No. 2 Fall 1966 “The American Co-Mason”, Bulletin of The American Federation Le Droit Humain. It was a copy from a handwritten piece by Bro. C. Jinarajadasa 33°, found in a file. It is not known whether...
    Kristine Wilson-Slack

Order the book “Freemasons: 555 illustrations” now on amazon. Click this LINK.

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  • Scottish Freemasons Honoured by a Royal Visit May 18, 2024
    Snippet: Scottish Freemasons were honoured by a Royal Visit yesterday, when the Duke of Kent attended the Grand Lodge of Scotland to unveil a life-size portrait of his uncle, King George VI, who was Scotland’s 91st Grand Master Mason. Full story here:
  • The UGLE Responds May 18, 2024
    Following many decades of not answering back the UGLE started a few years back with the "Enough is Enough" campaign, this is the latest and very public response to biased journalism randomly besmirching the character of Freemasons and Freemasonry:
  • Advice and history May 14, 2024
    Hello,  I’ve been asked to look into a Masonic medal for my grandma which I believe was her father’s. She’d like to know a bit more about it, as she didn’t really know her father. I’m looking to do some research into this and was hoping this forum might be able to help.  I believe that […]
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  • Lodge of the Holy Land (Ha'aretz Hakadosha) #50 International Membership March 5, 2021
    How would you like to be a member of a lodge in Israel? The Lodge of the Holy Land #50 was created in order to enable Brethren from all over the world, living outside Israel, to affiliate to an Israeli Lodge in the Holy Land and feel part of Israeli Freemasonry. Membership is open to […]
  • My first steps May 11, 2018
    Dear group, Like I have stated in my introductory email, I have petitioned our local lodge here in my home town in the Netherlands to enter the brotherhood. And today, one of the men in the lodge and I have talkede on the phone and decided to have our first meeting coming Saturday in the […]
  • Why are there no Rosettes in an EA apron? September 21, 2017
    A MM apron has 3 Rosettes, a FC has 2, then why is it that an EA apron doesn't have any Rosette, shouldn't the natural way be have 1 Rosette as it is the first degree?
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