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  • Transform Your Plain Masonic Hall Entrance September 11, 2021
    by Christopher HodappWe had a saying around our film production studio for many, many years: "Where do great ideas come from? Somebody else!"It's a fact of life that not every Masonic temple can be blessed with being architecturally distinctive. In fact, it's the rare Masonic hall built after World War II that isn't either plain, […]
    Christopher Hodapp

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  • New Provincial Head Office for Cheshire October 11, 2021
    On Thursday 7th October, the day after he attended the Province of Cheshire’s Grand Lodge Meeting at New Brighton where he was the guest speaker, the Chief Executive of United Grand Lodge of England Dr David Staples visited the new build Masonic Hall project at Clay Lane, Timperley, Altrincham He was shown around the site […]

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  • Untitled October 22, 2021
    🏦There are 968 #Freemasons' halls in England & Wales, and even more buildings & monuments relating to #Freemasonry. 👀This weekend, let's get out and about on a #FreemasonSafari and see what we can find. 📸You've got 'til midnight on Sunday to Tweet us your photos – good luck! (Feed generated with FetchRSS)

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Should “Regular” and “Liberal” Freemasons recognize each other?

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  • Whence Came You? - 0517 - The Debate on Science and Society October 18, 2021
    This week, we look at society's decline through perhaps one of the most influential platforms in our lives today--social media. Brother Greg Knot talks about this issue and how Freemasonry can bring society back together. Then we've got a brand-new segment from Brother Matt Gallagher. In his segment on Practical Freemasonry, he talks about just […]

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  • Cosine Error October 22, 2021
    by Midnight Freemason ContributorRWB Spencer HamannImagine you are an operative mason, working with hewn and shaped ashlars. You are asked to check the length of a particular ashlar that is about to be brought up and set into place. Employing your gauge, you take the quick length measurement and communicate it to your counterpart, who […]

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  • PART II: What Esoteric Knowledge lies veiled in Classical Art? June 24, 2021
    IN this series, we seek to uncover the hidden meaning found in the artistic works of numerous Masters, including Michelangelo, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, William Blake, Georges de La Tour, and Raphael. First, by outlining a basic structure for analyzing art through an esoteric lens; thereby, utilizing both observation and intuition, symbolically represented by the […]
    Elaine Paulionis Phelen

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  • Differences October 17, 2021
    Hello there I am an interested in the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraïm-Memphis and I have already spesk with them to go out for a coffee and the details of my initiation (when and where). I would like to share your experience when you initiated in a lodge and also, what's your opinion […]
  • Eat first October 7, 2021
    Freemasons’ Hall Arthur Square Belfast, has reopened from the Covid lockdown with an Eat First initiative.  The hall manager advises that to minimise issues raised under a risk assessment that holding festive boards prior to actual meeting has positive outcomes. 1Eating first enables a much needed social aspect between the brethren before entering a Lodge […]
  • Grand Lodge of Ireland has no news September 29, 2021
    My Province of Antrim has directed that meetings in the Province may commence from the Covid lockdown this coming Friday 1st October. I curiously wondered what other Provinces, or upon those lodges that reside in our Grand Lodge building in Dublin have been informed.  Regrettably, it appears no news from the Grand Lodge of Ireland is listed, […]
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  • Lodge of the Holy Land (Ha'aretz Hakadosha) #50 International Membership March 5, 2021
    How would you like to be a member of a lodge in Israel? The Lodge of the Holy Land #50 was created in order to enable Brethren from all over the world, living outside Israel, to affiliate to an Israeli Lodge in the Holy Land and feel part of Israeli Freemasonry. Membership is open to […]
  • My first steps May 11, 2018
    Dear group, Like I have stated in my introductory email, I have petitioned our local lodge here in my home town in the Netherlands to enter the brotherhood. And today, one of the men in the lodge and I have talkede on the phone and decided to have our first meeting coming Saturday in the […]
  • Why are there no Rosettes in an EA apron? September 21, 2017
    A MM apron has 3 Rosettes, a FC has 2, then why is it that an EA apron doesn't have any Rosette, shouldn't the natural way be have 1 Rosette as it is the first degree?