Liberal Freemasonry is considered irregular by the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and most other English-speaking Grand Lodges either because there can be female members or there is no requirement for members to declare a belief in a Supreme Being. However, the editors of this web portal have decided to include information concerning liberal obediences because their members consider themselves Freemasons. It is worth mentioning that a significant majority of “liberal” Lodges (united in mutual recognition of the Grand Orient of France and the Grand Orient of Belgium) maintain high standards in ritual as well as having a culture of very high quality masonic education. In many liberal Lodges, at least two years of regular Lodge work is required to obtain the third degree, and achieving the 32nd degree usually requires about 15 additional years of constant effort dedicated to self-development and broadening knowledge of Masonic symbolism.
By presenting information here from both the world of “regulars” and of “liberals” we hope to give each side a perspective on the other’s Freemasonry, and perhaps highlight areas where they could even learn from each other.

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