The world of Freemasonry consists not only of “Regulars” (recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England) and “Liberals” (recognized by the Grand Orient of France and/or the Grand Orient of Belgium), but also of many Grand Lodges that are not recognized at all, or sometimes only within small circles of similar groups (however some of them are recognized by one or more “Liberal” obediences – but neither GOF nor GOB).
They consider themselves to be Freemasons, and therefore they haven’t been assigned to the category “Others” which is about organizations with similarities to the Craft which do not however describe themselves as “Masonic”. Some of them differ radically from mainstream Freemasonry, however some do not (fortunately or otherwise, coincidences do sometimes occur within Freemasonry…).

There are various organisations arguably having certain specific similarities to Freemasonry. Sometimes called “Paramasonry”, “Quasi-masonry”. Groups that don’t claim to be Masonic, but which nevertheless share some characteristics of Freemasonry.

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