South Carolina Freemasons

South Carolina Freemasons
The Free and Accepted Masons of South Carolina had been a Provincial Grand Lodge under the Grand Lodge of England, the Moderns. In 1777, they became independent by resolution throwing off any provincial or subordinate character to the Grand Lodge of England. The Athol Grand Lodge, or as it was sometimes called, the Grand Lodge of Ancient Masons, chartered lodges in Pennsylvania, which in turn, as a Grand Lodge, chartered lodges of Ancient York Masons in South Carolina. In 1787, five lodges chartered by other Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons, united in forming the South Carolina Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons. Beginning with only five lodges, four years later the York Grand Lodge had thirty-five lodges while the Free and Accepted Masons, after fifty-five years of existence had accomplished only one-third of that amount of work.
As early as 1807, steps were taken to inaugurate a union of the two Grand Lodges. On December 17, 1808, the two Grand Lodges met in their respective chambers for the purpose of making the preliminary arrangements for a final union. The newly elected officers were installed on December 31, 1808 and the newly united Grand Lodge began its legal Masonic Existence with the commencement of the year 1809.
Grand Lodge A.F.M. of South Carolina
1445 Pisgah Church Rd
Lexington, SC 29072

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