M.U.B. (Masonic Union of the Balkans)

Considering that the Balkans have always been a progressive region for the development, circulation and diffusion of humanistic ideas, and considering the traditional and societal ties existing among the Balkan peoples, The Grand Lodge Mixed of Greece of the international Masonic Order “DELPHI“ and the Grand Liberal Lodge of Turkey have decided to coalesce for the establishment and promotion of the Masonic, with an absolute respect for the convictions and philosophy of each one of them.

Therefore, an Socio-cultural Union is initiated, with the following goals:

1. protection and development of the culture and the initiation history in the Balkan Peninsula,

2. expansion of the Liberal Freemasonry inspired by the Balkans,

3. study of contemporary initiation and functional problems of the Freemasonry relevant to each memeber country.

The Union is able to realise its scope of activities through the work of its members, and through annual meetings and conferences in countires which are capable of organising them. The duty of the Union will also be to defend the Maonic idenityt of the signatory Obediences, considering that the universality and the equality of the Freemasonry emanates from the knowledge, respect and cultural diversity.


the source: http://www.vnlh.net/povelje-uk.html



M.U.B. (Masonic Union of the Balkans)


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