Freemasonry is an attempt to organize harmony, and therefore it is essential that all its arrangements for the promotion of concord should be of the most perfect character and most delicately adjusted. Whatever tends in the least degree to produce disagreement and discord, to cause a jarring and clashing among the elements composing the society, or any of its branches, must have a tendency to defeat the purposes of the Institution, must in itself be destructive of the spirit of Masonry, and must be something foreign to that spirit, something not to be cultivated, but to be avoided by Masons. Masons are supposed by the profane to be religiously devoted to the maintenance among themselves of harmonic principles, and this supposition is based upon the professions which Masons and Masonic writers and advocates have ever made to the world. The supposition is well-grounded, and the profession does not exaggerate the intention of all true Masons. – The Masonic Monthly, February 1867




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