Essex/England – £5k for programme to help vulnerable pupils

£5k for programme to help vulnerable pupils

(by Barking and Dagenham Post – 03 July 2018)

A grant of £5,000 from Essex Masons to Dorothy Barley Infant School will fund the Achievement for All programme, which aims to reduce inequality in education by working with vulnerable pupils and their families to help them succeed at school.

Schools that have participated in the programme previously have reported better results for the pupils involved, more engagement with parents and guardians and improved attendance records.

Almost 4,500 schools have worked with Achievement for All.

Dorothy Barley Infant School headteacher Christine James said: “The grant will make a huge difference to this school. It will enable us to work closely with Achievement for All to identify children and parents in need of support and most importantly provide the time needed to



£5k for programme to help vulnerable pupils


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