Liberal Jurisdictions of the AASR signed the Istanbul Declaration


(by, December 15, 2019)


Since its inauguration in Brussels in 1976, the International Meeting of Higher Scottish Degrees (RIHGE – Rencontres Internationales des Hauts Grades Ecossais) has offered liberal jurisdictions of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite the opportunity to work together within a framework that in no way limits their sovereignty.

The jurisdictions of the higher Scottish degrees met once again at the 25th RIHGE meeting on 13th and 14th December 2019 in Zenith of Istanbul, a city that symbolically links Europe and Asia and connects the West with the East and the North with the South.

It was a special meeting, resulting from the awareness of the need to transform this largest platform of common work of liberal Freemasons of higher degrees. This transformation involves the incorporation into the existing agreement of the Women’s Supreme Councils (which include Sisters), the International Mixed Masonic Order Le Droit Humain and the European, Mediterranean, American, and African Conferences of Continental Scottish humanist Jurisdictions.

On December 14, 2019, Thirty-one Scottish Supreme Councils of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite signed the Universal Grand Charter of the Higher Scottish Degrees, stating that all signatories shall mutually recognize each other while maintaining full independence.


Grand College Des Rites Ecossais (of Grand Orient of France) (1764-1804)
Supreme Council of Italy (of Grand Lodge of Italy) (1805)
Supreme Council of Spain (1811)
Supreme Council of Belgium (1817)
Supreme Council of Portugal (1844)
Supreme Council of Mexico (1860)
Supreme Council of Turkey (1861)
Supreme Council of Hungary (1871)
International Masonic Order of Co-Masonry “Le Droit Humain” 1893
Supreme Council of Poland (1920/2010)
Sovereign College of the Scottish Rite for Belgium (SCIRE) 1962
Supreme Council of Helvetic Confederation (1964)
Supreme Feminine Council of France (GLFF) (1970)
Supreme Council Omega of New York (1971)
Supreme Council of Maroc (1977)
Supreme Council Francisco de Montezuma of Brasil (1981)
Supreme Feminine Council of Helvetic Confederation (1985)
Supreme Council GOLAC of (Congo) (1989)
Supreme Council of Grand College of Rites of Congo (1990)
Supreme Council of Grand Lodge of Cedres (1995)
International Masonic Order “Delphi” (1996)
Supreme Council of Luxemburg (2003)
Supreme Feminine Council of Italy (2005)
Supreme Feminine Council of Chile (2005)
Supreme Council of Uruguay (2008
Supreme Council Omega of Colombia (2008)
Supreme Feminine Council of Portugal (2009)
Supreme Council of Romania (2015)
Supreme Feminine Council of Turkey (2016)
Supreme Feminine Council of Argentina (2019
Supreme Council of Croatia (2018)


Liberal Jurisdictions of the AASR signed the Istanbul Declaration


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