Australia – Support for South-West Victoria Bushfire Victims

Support for South-West Victoria Bushfire Victims

Freemasons Step Up Support for South-West Victoria Bushfire Victims


“Recognise – Respond – Refer”

VICTORIA AUSTRALIA, 7 June 2018 — Freemasons Victoria, having raised over $40,000, is working in conjunction with Lifeline Direct, Southwest Primary Care Partnership, Let’s Talk and St John of God Warrnambool to provide Post-event Trauma care services which will support those in desperate need of help.

After the devastation of the South-West Victorian bushfires, many residents were affected both physically and mentally. Some having lost everything, they look to those in the community for help and understanding. With the high suicide rate within farming communities, the Freemasons South-West Victoria Bushfire Mental Health Support Program will give those at the grassroots level the very training in order to not become a casualty themselves and to address signs of depression before it is too late.

With the support of these partner agencies, a ‘Recognise, Respond and Refer’ model has been created to give Veterinarians, Doctors, Teachers, Businesses and others the much-needed skills to identify signs of Trauma and assist with connecting individuals with appropriate services.

“There are farmers who have lost generations of their cattle… to them, it is not just their livelihood, but these cows were their family,” said Dr Craig Wood, local Terang Veterinarian. “Although the grass is starting to grow back, people can’t see the destruction the fires have left on the lives of others.”

Without this support, those affected by the bushfires are left to wonder in silence about what they have left to rebuild from.

The Freemasons South-West Victoria Bushfire Mental Health Support Program gives those at the direct-contact level skills that aren’t provided anywhere else. Skills that will allow them to recognise symptoms, respond appropriately, and refer to specialists who can provide the best level of care.

The Freemasons South-West Victoria Bushfire Mental Health Support Program commences on Friday, 8 June 2018 and will continue throughout South-West Victoria.

“This Program is giving the community a real chance to help those before it is too late,” said Craig.

(Release from Freemasons Victoria)


About Freemasons Victoria,

Known for its mentoring, personal development, and philanthropic activities, Freemasons Victoria is an organisation of good men, supporting each other, their families and the community. For more than 170 years, Freemasonry has held a pivotal role in the growth and support of Victoria. Freemasons Victoria currently has more than 8,700 members who regularly meet at 244 lodges across the state.

Amongst Victoria’s most philanthropic and hard-working community groups, Freemasons of Victoria actively support major initiatives such as Mercy Hospital, Think Pink, Monash Children’s Hospital, Blue Ribbon, The Long Walk, ANZAC Day, Headspace and Australian Prostate Cancer Research, raising millions of dollars and providing thousands of hours in crucial volunteer support.

For more information about Freemasons Victoria, please see our website, For additional information on the Freemasons South-West Victoria Bushfire Mental Health Support Program, contact Jeremy Cattell on (03) 9411-0111.



Support for South-West Victoria Bushfire Victims


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