America’s death of civil society

America's dearth of civil society
The only groups we seem to join these days are political, and we have no tolerance, or at least little tolerance,
for those who do not share our point of view. (iStock)

(by Salena Zito, Washington Examiner, June 25, 2018)

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Outside the former cotton exchange, couples and families stood in front of the nearly 200 year-old building, snapping selfies with their faces married to the historic edifice towering in the background.

Inside, a handful of men dressed in business suits and brushing back the perspiration that is the common scourge of Savannah’s summer’s heat huddle in conversation in the center of the room that once was the epicenter of the economy here.

As more members of Solomon’s Lodge No. 1 stream in, they fill into a Freemason’s a hall that was once the trading room floor for the exchange. Three chairs stand here, including the one where George Washington once sat to hold court, so does a pedestal holding a bible presented to the lodge in 1734.

“You see the stained glass window? Perfect right? Look again,” says Bryan Hoffman a past master of the lodge. After a long scan, one out of place green sliver of glass in a sea of red finally emerges to the eye.

“It is a reminder that nothing in this world is perfect nor should be perfect,” he says with pride.

Freemasons are civic leaders, and the room is filled with …

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America's dearth of civil society

America's dearth of civil society

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