Durham/England – Freemasons support PCP’s pool appeal

England - Freemasons support PCP's pool appeal

(by editorial staff, Newton News, October 11, 2019)


The Pioneering Care Centre in Newton Aycliffe welcomed members from the Durham Masonic Benevolent Fund to see first-hand the work needed to renovate the Hydrotherapy Pool and gladly accepted a generous donation of £1,000.
PCP got in touch with the Benevolent Committee following a recommendation from Robbie Davison from the Aycliffe Lodge. Carol Gaskarth, PCP Chief Executive said, “As a registered charity without statutory funding, PCP is relying upon grants, donations and community fundraising to help us to reach our target of £410,000 to replace the Hydrotherapy Pool. We have been astounded at the level of support and generosity to date. After a chat with Robbie we made an application to the Benevolent Committee of the Province of Durham who awarded us £1,000. Every penny received takes us one step closer to making this ambitious project a reality. We’ve raised about £300,000 to date but cannot rest on our laurels; all contributions are very gladly received!”
Barry Knevitt, PCP’s Chairperson, added, “The hydrotherapy pool is particularly well-used by older people, those with physical disabilities, children and young people and adults with learning disabilities. After 20 years of use it is now in need of a…

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England - Freemasons support PCP's pool appeal



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